17 Disease Control Experts Worth Following on Twitter

Posted by admin on October 19, 2010

Disease outbreaks are big news, but sometimes only in the areas that are most greatly affected. Those who are in the healthcare administration field, however, often want to be in the know about disease outbreaks and the methods used to control them even when they don’t affect areas near them. Here are 17 organizations and individuals with expertise in disease outbreaks and control that healthcare administrators will want to follow on Twitter.

  1. CDC Emergency: Follow news from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. This information is provided by their emergency preparedness and response group, so they will keep you up to date on disease outbreaks. The CDC is the foremost disease outbreak and research community in the United States. If there’s a US outbreak of anything going on, the CDC will keep you informed.
  2. NIH: The National Institute of Health is the nation’s premier government funded research agency. They provide lots of information on diseases, research and cures.
  3. NHS Swine Flu News: Get news on the H1N1 flu virus and outbreaks in the UK from this Twitter page. This page is helpful if you’re traveling to the UK during flu season.
  4. Swine Flu Breaking News: Keep up with information about H1N1 flu activity in the US with this Twitter page. This is one of the best swine flu outbreak reporters for the US. This one gets a lot of use during flu season.
  5. Swine Flu/Bird Flu: Keep up with worldwide news about Swine Flu and Bird Flu through this Twitter page.
  6. FDA Warning: This is one of many Twitter pages from the US Food and Drug Administration. This Twitter page alerts you to any warnings coming from the FDA. They alert you on disease outbreaks as well as food and drug warnings.
  7. TM Tracker: This tracker keeps you up to date on all flu outbreaks all over the world.This is a good outbreak tracker for travelers.
  8. Fighting Malaria: Keep up with malaria outbreaks and the fight to keep malaria under control with this Twitter page.
  9. Lyme Disease: Keep up to date on Lyme Disease, including areas of outbreak with this Twitter page. There are not a lot of Lyme Disease outbreaks, but the disease can be deadly if not treated in time. This is a very good monitor to follow during the summer, when ticks are plentiful.
  10. Outbreak Control: This Twitter page, along with its website, tracks disease outbreaks all over the world.
  11. Outbreak Alerts: This Twitter page tracks all sorts of viral outbreak alerts, primarily in the US.
  12. NPR Health: Keep up to date on all the latest health news, including disease outbreaks with tweets from National Public Radio Health.
  13. ABC Medical Unit: This is another great source of health news from ABC and Dr. Timothy Johnson. They keep a close watch on disease outbreaks in the US.
  14. Globe Health: This Twitter page comes from the health section of the Boston Globe. They report all sorts of up to the minute health news.
  15. World Health News: Keep up with health news from all over the world with this Twitter page. They monitor standard outbreaks like the flu as well as bigger and more dangerous outbreaks from remote parts of the world.
  16. Health News 4 U: This page follows the latest in health news and trends from all over the world.
  17. Breaking Health News: This organization follows the latest breaking health news from all over the world.

As flu season approaches, just keeping track of the H1N1 outbreaks this season can seem like a full time job. But, when you try to keep up with disease outbreaks from all over the world, and learn how they impact you and your local area as well as places you and your customers might be traveling, it can seem like an overwhelming task. But, these sites on Twitter should help you stay informed, whether you just need to know if there are swine flu outbreaks in your area, or if you need to keep up with breaking health news from all over the world.

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