Top 50 Blogs About Alzheimer’s

Posted by Samantha Reno on November 29, 2010

Are you interested in finding answers to the difficulties and issues surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease? Begin your search with this list of the top 50 blogs about Alzheimer’s, which focuses on blogs written by children and spouses of sufferers, as well as blogs written for families and caregivers by attorneys, healthcare administrators and other caregivers.

ElderlyCaregivers – Children

  1. A Blog Inspired By Mom’s Brain: Details the impact of Alzheimer’s on the caregiver, how support groups can be vital to dealing with the disease’s hardships.
  2. By My Side At Dusk: A journal offering solace to others who experience the difficulty of losing parents to the darkness of Alzheimer’s.
  3. Dad’s Dementia Decline: An honest and candid blog about being thrown into the world of Dementia after a father’s recent diagnosis.
  4. Dementia Nights: A son’s account of dealing with his father’s decline and subsequent death from Alzheimer’s.
  5. Had A Dad: Describes a son’s feelings about his father’s three year journey into Alzheimer’s.
  6. I Am An Alzheimer’s Caregiver: A one-day-at-a-time account of a son’s experience as caregiver to his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s.
  7. In All These Things: A detailed and educational journey into the emotional and medical aspects of dealing with a parents decline.
  8. Inside Aging Parent Care: Offers support and a vast amount of resources to caregivers of parents.
  9. Memories From My Life: A great resource for scientific findings and news articles for dealing with Alzheimer’s, written in the context of a diary.
  10. Mom, Me and Alzheimer’s Blog: Chronicles the experience of a daughter caring for her widowed mother slipping into dementia. Offers practical advice for keeping sufferers calm.
  11. My Life as a Daughter: This blog chronicles the ups and downs, stops and starts, mistakes and triumphs as a woman wades through a mother’s illness with her husband.
  12. The Tangled Neuron: This blog started as a personal site chronicling a woman’s search for answers on her father’s dementia.
  13. Under My Wing: A woman journals her journey as a caregiver for a mom with dementia.

Elderly WomanCaregivers – Spouses

  1. Alzheimer’s Moments: A man and his brother chronicle the devotion and heartache they shared as caregivers to their mother.
  2. Alzheimer’s Support: A woman shares the hopelessness that seeped into her family when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, how finally happiness returned.
  3. A Miggy Moment: Accounts a woman’s challenge to care for her husband’s Alzheimer’s while her own body declines into its golden years.
  4. All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us: Vivid accounts of a man’s experiences dealing with not only his mother’s Alzheimer’s, but two brothers as well.
  5. Aromick’s Blog: Six years after her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a woman describes the hardships of watching the deterioration of man she has loved for over 50 years.
  6. Days In Dementiaville: A documentation of a husband’s deterioration. This blog was created as a guide for the author and to help educate others whose spouses also suffer from Alzheimer’s.
  7. The Alzheimer’s Spouse: A blog offering support and solutions to spouses faced with the challenge of Alzheimer’s.
  8. The Zen Of Caregiving: A wife’s account of caring for her husband while dealing with hero bi-polar condition.

LawPatient’s Rights

  1. Alzheimer’s Reading Room: A resource of news and advice for holding healthcare organizations accountable.
  2. Estate Plan And Asset Protection: Offers legal assistance from lawyers for protecting Alzheimer’s patient’s estates.
  3. Elder Law Answers: A blog dealing with Alzheimer’s patients and elder law.
  4. Nursing Home Abuse Blog: Written by a lawyer who advocates for patient’s rights. Gives insights into details that caregivers can look for when selecting a nursing home.
  5. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog: Terry Law Firm, LLC covers a wide variety of abuses that occur in nursing homes.
  6. Our Parents: A concise look at selecting appropriate nursing homes for Alzheimer’s patients.
  7. Slutsky Elder Law Blog: A look at a variety of legal issues and strategies for serving elders with or without Alzheimer’s Disease.
  8. The Caregiver’s Voice: Offers ways to help prevent nursing home abuses for Alzheimer’s patients.

AlzheimersInformation And Resources

  1. Blog: The Alzheimer’s Association created this blog to provide insights from the front lines of Alzheimer research.
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease Blog: Dr. Andy Rosenzweig is a geriatric psychiatrist who hopes to convey a sense of hope as new developments in the field of Alzheimer’s emerge.
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease Library: A discussion of myths surrounding the disease of Alzheimer’s.
  4. Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog: Alzheimer’s Speaks believes working together and sharing knowledge is the best way to win the battle against this disease.
  5. Concepts in Caregiving: This new blog is devoted to caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.
  6. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Blog: This blog is part of the research Web site, where you can learn immediately about any news in the field.
  7. Dealing with Alzheimer’s Blog: A woman diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s almost a decade ago is an advocate in fighting this disease.
  8. Elder Care Cafe: This website was created for caregivers, family members, and friends involved in elder care or those who wish to know more about the process of aging.
  9. Blog: Offers news, community contacts and resources for Alzheimer’s caregivers.
  10. Lauren Watral’s Blog: Laruen is the founder of Raleigh Geriatric Care Management, and she offers geriatric advice to patients and caregivers in her blog.
  11. The Alzheimer’s Care Blog: Senior Living Residences’ provides readers with information about Alzheimer’s disease care, research, and treatment options.
  12. The Caregiver Blog: A blog filled with resources, support and education to help you deal with many caregiving issues.
  13. The Dopamine Diaries: A blog delving into many issues surrounding Alzheimer’s, such as Medicaid, Elder Law and the medical community.

Elder CareNursing Home Support, Elder Care

  1. Elder Care at Home: Elayne Forgie, CMC, is a professional geriatric care manager who is serving on the Advocacy Advisory Board for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.
  2. Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog: Frances Shani Parker, author of Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes, writes this blog.
  3. Living Well Blog: Covers a wide range of issues on the placement and care of Alzheimer’s patients, including abuse, caregiver support and legal concerns.
  4. My Better Nursing Home: Authored by a licensed psychologist, this blog is dedicated to improving patient care through support and information.
  5. Nursing Home Blog: This is a legal blog brought to you by Parker Waichman Alonso, LLP.
  6. Nursing Home Talk: A blog focusing on issues dealing with the care of Alzheimer’s patients through assisted living.
  7. Spiritual Caregiving: Drawn from a family caregiving consultant’s years of experience, this blog offers advice on issues such as when it may be time to use a nursing home, the preparation involved.
  8. The Business Of Aging: Gives specifics about making guilt-free arrangements into assisted living for Alzheimer’s patients.

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