19 Healthcare IT Case Studies Worth Reading

Posted by admin on January 17, 2011

The world of healthcare poses unique challenges for IT professionals. There is confidential data to manage, and the volume of data is vast. There are multiple locations to support and virtually no downtime allowed for systems, since healthcare operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, the IT professionals who work in healthcare must stay on top of their game, ensuring that they’re providing the latest and greatest technology.

Reading case studies is a great way to stay abreast on the latest technology, and see what has worked for other healthcare organizations in the area of IT. We’ve combined 19 case studies we think you’ll enjoy.

  1. Developing an Enterprise Wide Data Warehouse for a Commercial Health Benefits Company: Data warehousing is big these days, and is a key to managing your company’s data for the purposes of data mining. This case study from Infosys gives a real life example.
  2. Infosys Integration and Collaboration Solution Helps Mercy Health Plans Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Another case from Infosys, this one details how they helped Mercy Health Plans improve customer service.
  3. MERS Helps Roseland Create a Culture of Patient Safety: This case study details the setup and implementation of an automated adverse event reporting system.
  4. DCH Health Systems Reduces costs, Denied Claims and A/R Days by Integrating Care Medic’s eFR: This case study covers how implementing a new software accounts receivable system improved the clinic’s financial performance.
  5. Embracing New Technology to Ensure High Quality Care: This case study looks at how Wayne Memorial Hospital saved money with a new asset tracking system.
  6. Care New England Reduces Costs with Document Management Technology: Review how implementing a new document management system has saved Care New England nearly $100,000 per year just on reports.
  7. Multi-Specialty Healthcare Network Achieves 20% Annual Laboratory Cost Savings Through Automation and Integrated Analytics: See how this company employed a front end automation solution along with new laboratory techniques to save money and increase efficiency in the lab.
  8. Healthcare Major Accelerates Time to Market By Nine Months Using Service Oriented Architecture: See how new architecture helped this company get to market faster and save money.
  9. Leveraging Service Oriented Architecture for Competitive Advantage: This company used Infosys to update their payor solution to increase efficiency and save money.
  10. Impact Analysis for a Multi-State Leading Healthcare Organization in the US: Infosys helps a healthcare company conduct an impact analysis in an automated fashion, saving time and money over performing the analysis manually.
  11. Automating Services and Contract Systems for a Healthcare Provider: See how Infosys helped a leading healthcare provider increase efficiency by automating services and contract systems.
  12. Electronic Health Records for the UK Government: See how changing health records to electronic format worked for the UK government.
  13. HIPAA Compliance for Pharmco Company: See how Infosys helped a drug company implement a system to satisfy HIPAA privacy act requirements.
  14. Developing a PHR Solution for a Health Insurer: Infosys helps an insurance company implement a PHR solution.
  15. Infosys: Aetna’s Trusted IT Partner for More Than a Decade: See how Aetna’s long term relationship with Infosys has been beneficial to the company.
  16. Infosys BPO Partners with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield: See how Infosys helped Blue Cross of New Jersey.
  17. Web Services Testing Enables Healthcare Organization to Cut Maintenance Costs: See how partnering with Infosys for web services testing helped a company to enhance their customer ordering system.
  18. Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence for a Commercial Health Benefits Company: See how a large benefits company improved stability by partnering with Infosys for a testing center.
  19. Portal Strategy and Technology Architecture for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager: See how a new portal and technology architecture helped one pharmacy benefits management company increase efficiency and save money.

By examining these and other case studies, you’re sure to be able to learn new ways to help your company become more efficient, provide better patient care, and likely save some money along the way, too.

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