Average Salary with a Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree

A masters in healthcare administration prepares you to work in a management positions in the medical world. While you can get started in this field with just a bachelor’s degree, getting your master’s degree qualifies you for more jobs that come attached with higher starting salaries and advanced responsibilities. But just how much can you expect to make if you earn this type of degree? Is the high cost of education worth the average salary available in this field?

Salary Information for Healthcare Managers

According to reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary for medical and health services managers as of May 2009 was $90,970 annually. The middle 50% earned between $63,700 and $105,980, with the top ten percent averaging over $140,000 annually. As you can see, this is a field where a six-figure salary is well within reach. In fact, some of the top administrators at major healthcare facilities make over half a million dollars annually, and some earn even more when you factor in bonuses and other perks.

Average Salary by Employer

With a degree in healthcare administration, the salary you can expect to make depends on where you work as much as your level of education. Some types of employers pay more, on average, because of the nature of the work and the overall earning potential in that sector of the industry. According to reports, the top-paying employers of administrations in this filed are pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing companies, which pay their managers an average of over $150,000 annually. Worried about finding a job? The most healthcare administrators are hired by hospitals, where you can expect to earn an average of over $96,000 annually.

Average Salary by Location

Location also plays a key role in the salary you can expect as a healthcare administrator. As of 2009, the states with the highest annual salaries for these positions were Washington, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York; in all of these states, the average salary for managers is six figures. Top-paying cities in this industry include Salinas, California; San Jose, California, Salem, Massachusetts; Burlington, Vermont; and Seattle, Washington. Again, the average salary in all of these cities was six figures.

Earning More as a Healthcare Administrator

Getting your master’s degree is just the first step in earning more in this field. You can also make a higher salary by working your way up the ladder (CEOs make more than office managers!), going through state licensing programs, and simply working in this industry to gain as much experience as possible.

Top Online Master's Degrees in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration involves the administration, leadership, and management of healthcare systems, hospitals, or hospital networks. In the United States, a master's degree is the standard credential for becoming a health administrator. Listed below are the top accredited online colleges and universities offering degrees in health administration or closely related fields.

Kaplan University The Kaplan University MS in Healthcare Management, MBA in Healthcare Management, MPH in Public Health Program Development, and MPH in Health Education are examples of the university's dynamic healthcare education offering. These programs graduate future leaders in the healthcare field.
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Ashford University Ashford University is one of the biggest providers of online education in the country, with programs across all degree levels to choose from. AU has three programs in health administration: Master's of Business Administration, Masters's of Arts, and Bachelor's of Arts. These programs help students prepare for high level positions with in the healthcare system and takes a thorough look into biostatistics, finance, and strategic planning.
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American InterContinental University The online American InterContinental University MBA in Healthcare Management degree program prepares students for success in the management of the healthcare field. The 10-month program is quick and manageable, students are able to continue to work while they complete their degree.
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