Gerontology Degrees

The Master’s in Gerontology prepares graduates to compassionately work with the older population and confront their unique healthcare challenges.

The Gerontology Profession

Gerontologists study the biological, social, and psychological facets of aging. Gerontology is separate from geriatrics, which explores the diseases of the elderly. Gerontology includes studying physical, mental, and social changes in people as they age, investigating the aging process, investigating the interface of normal aging and age-related disease, investigating the effects of the aging on society, and applying this knowledge to policies and programs.

What are the Requirements for Earning an Master’s in Gerontology?

Gerontology programs review long-term care, service-supported housing, community-based services, marketing to an aging population, and health services for those requiring chronic care. Students are able to broaden their viewpoint and develop skills in policy development and analysis, program management, administration, and finance with a focus on the aging population. Curricula explore the science of aging on individuals, families, and communities. Courses in biological, epidemiological, and psychological aging, as well as cultural and social attitudes toward the elderly are available. Graduates work in large hospitals, elderly care centers, nursing homes, and urgent care centers. Prerequisites include the GRE exam, letters of recommendation, and minimum GPA.

Online Gerontology Programs

  • University of Phoenix: MHA: Gerontology

Kaplan University The Kaplan University MS in Healthcare Management, MBA in Healthcare Management, MPH in Public Health Program Development, and MPH in Health Education are examples of the university's dynamic healthcare education offering. These programs graduate future leaders in the healthcare field.
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Ashford University Ashford University is one of the biggest providers of online education in the country, with programs across all degree levels to choose from. AU has three programs in health administration: Master's of Business Administration, Masters's of Arts, and Bachelor's of Arts. These programs help students prepare for high level positions with in the healthcare system and takes a thorough look into biostatistics, finance, and strategic planning.
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American InterContinental University The online American InterContinental University MBA in Healthcare Management degree program prepares students for success in the management of the healthcare field. The 10-month program is quick and manageable, students are able to continue to work while they complete their degree.
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